Two postdocs ERC Tracing language and population mixing in the Gansu-Qinghai area | INALCO

1) Postdoctoral Researcher in interdisciplinary research-linguistics and molecular anthropology

Date posted: 10-December-2020
Closing date: 15-January-2021

Postdoc research position in Natural Language Processing

TheĀ Elites, Networks and Power in modern China (ENP-China) project is recruiting a postdoctoral fellow in Natural Language Processing to conduct research and develop tools in accordance with the aims of the project. The position comes with a one-year fixed term, but it is renewable once. The recruitment can take place as early as 1st October 2020.

Application deadline(s) 

2020CE Oct 1st

Cultural Encounters - Cross-cultural Encounters - the Travels of Gender Theory and Practice to China and the Nordic Countries

This interdisciplinary project is concerned with the cross-cultural translation of knowledge and practices that may or may not take place when different cultures interact, and the resulting production of new knowledge. Taking the travelling routes of gender theory and practice to, and also between, China and the Nordic countries as the empirical object of study, the project will focus on the crucial questions of why and how knowledge travels or fails to travel. The project will explore in which forms and by whom knowledge is sent, received, understood, translated, or even refused.

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