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Cultural Encounters - Cross-cultural Encounters - the Travels of Gender Theory and Practice to China and the Nordic Countries

This interdisciplinary project is concerned with the cross-cultural translation of knowledge and practices that may or may not take place when different cultures interact, and the resulting production of new knowledge. Taking the travelling routes of gender theory and practice to, and also between, China and the Nordic countries as the empirical object of study, the project will focus on the crucial questions of why and how knowledge travels or fails to travel. The project will explore in which forms and by whom knowledge is sent, received, understood, translated, or even refused. The project then seeks to assess the impact of these travels. 

The main objective is to develop an interdisciplinary framework in the form of an alternative travelling theory to facilitate an improved understanding of the cross-cultural translation of knowledge and practices. The project is significant for the European Research Area, as well as for governments, civil society and public opinion in light of increased cross-cultural interaction between Europe and Asia.

Funding: European Union Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowship



2013 to 2016