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Postdoc in China’s, Japan’s, and/or Korea’s contemporary society (1–2 positions)

The person employed is expected to work independently but should also cooperate with other researchers at the Centre. The postdoctoral fellow should participate in, and contribute to, the research environment through active participation in research seminars and other research-related activities, contribute with their own research, as well as contribute to the general development of the research environment in East and South-East Asian Studies. The postdoctoral fellow is expected to take part in organising workshops, be in charge of seminars, and contribute to the development of research applications. The postdoctoral fellow is also expected to take part in teaching at the undergraduate and master’s levels. These tasks require the postdoctoral fellow to have a high level of presence at the workplace

Teaching, supervision and other administrative duties comprise a maximum of 20 % of the position.

The candidate must have been awarded a Ph.D. or an international degree deemed equivalent not more than three years before the application deadline. If the degree was awarded earlier, the candidate must provide certificates of parental leave, illness or similar reasons for leave in the application.

The candidate needs to have written a Ph.D. thesis with a focus on contemporary society in China, Japan, and/or Korea. Very good and documented knowledge of English is required as well as relevant knowledge in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean, depending on the research project.

Application deadline(s):

Application deadline(s): 

2020CE Aug 10th