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A continued Nordic Track II diplomatic approach towards North Korea

The project thus aims at identifying ways of addressing the problem while avoiding the strong animosities between the parties engaged in the ongoing Korean conflicts, which are rooted in a web of historical, national, international and socio-cultural differences and disagreements. The project is based on the understanding that culture – i.e. values, norms and a generally disseminated and broadly accepted worldview - is a fact of life, and affects people in particular ways, differently from region to region. These differences may hamper international understanding even more than ideological animosities and political conflicts. When political entities are located in different cultural spheres, as in this case, it may disturb communication between the parties concerned to such a degree that mutual understanding is rendered impossible. The key to this problem may be to culturally contextualize the existing disagreements and invest an empathic approach to conflicts at hand.

Next activity: Focusing on food security in North Korea.

Project coordinator: Geir Helgesen
Funding: external



2013 to 2017