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Heidelberg Studies on Transculturality

Heidelberg Studies on Transculturality seeks research that coincides with the Cluster’s aim of establishing a "morphology of flows and circulations” which concentrates on “exploring the specific dynamics of transcultural interactions”. The series will include works which strengthen this dialog both within and across disciplines. Against this backdrop, the editorial office welcomes submissions which consider aspects of transcultural engagement within areas such as anthropology, art history, cultural and religious studies, media and communication, musicology, public health, political science, and social science, to name a few.

Transcultural research often relies on an intense engagement with and inclusion of diverse media (image, sound, video, etc.), all of which can be supported by our electronic end format options. Digital publishing formats are therefore well suited for transcultural studies monographs, due to the approach taken by most scholars within this new discipline. Researchers in this field also tend to have a strong interest in utilizing new, flexible, timely, and freely-accessible technologies which make their publications available to a global audience.