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Master of Science in Asian Studies

We offer a unique programme in Asian Studies. The programme is interdisciplinary and aims to provide you with advanced knowledge on contemporary issues in Asia together with the analytical and methodological skills to assess social, economic and political developments in the region. The programme permits you to specialise based on your regional, thematic, and disciplinary focus and to critically examine and discuss issues within the field of East and South-East Asia and South Asia.

The programme consists of obligatory courses on economic and political developments in Asia, as well as on international affairs and socio-cultural issues. A number of special courses are offered to provide in-depth knowledge on issues such as gender, religion and ethnicity, development, human rights and the environment. You will have the possibility to conduct fieldwork in Asia at leading universities and institutes in the region.

Lund University is an international environment with students, researchers and professors from different countries. Something that is exceptional is the informal relation between students and professors. Students are encouraged to think creatively and critical thinking is expected.

This Master’s programme is unique in Europe and provides an excellent foundation for postgraduate studies, teaching, and research, as well as for work in government agencies, international services, private firms and NGOs.


A brief outline of the programme

The first semester begins with a course (6 credits) that introduces the students to Asian Studies. It is followed by two thematic courses (each of 12 credits) that discuss central political and economic issues in East and South-East Asia.

The second semester consists of three courses (the first of 15 credits and the following two of 7.5 credits). The first course is a country or regional specialisation course where the students choose to deepen their studies in contemporary studies of China, Japan/Korea, or South-East Asia, the second course is International Relations of East and South-East Asia, the third course is the first of two methodology courses on the programme.

During the third semester, the students take three thematic elective courses (7.5 credits each) either at the Centre for East and South-East Asia Studies, at another institution at Lund University, or at another approved university in Sweden or abroad.

During the fourth and last semester, you will complete the programme with a written thesis, which will provide the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of theories, methods and analysis of empirical data in the field of Asian studies.

For detailed information about the courses included in the programme, please see here



If you have any questions, please contact

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