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Digital Teaching Days at the HCTS



18 November 2020

Upon a joint initiative of the Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies (HCTS) and its non-teaching representatives, eight members of the HCTS participated in the “Digital Teaching Days”, a training programme focused on digital teaching environments. The training was intended as a part of the preparation for the lecture period of the Winter Semester 2020-21 and comprised three sessions of one hour. The sessions were moderated by Dr. Rafael Klöber, a member of the
Division for Key Skills and University Didactics at Heidelberg University. The aim of the “Digital Teaching Days” was to offer improved methods in digital teaching to support the student body of the
Master Programme in Transcultural Studies (MATS) at the HCTS.

In the first session, the training modules and supervised exchanges provided helpful insights in matters of “Basics of Digital Teaching” and “Synchronous Teaching” (Online Live Teaching). In the follow-up sessions, the training continued with didactic modules centered on “Teaching and Learning Objectives” and “How to Plan Seminars in Digital Teaching Environments.” The participants had the chance to exchange “best-practice experience” from the Summer Semester 2020, which was conducted in virtual formats due to the pandemic restrictions. They also explored new online tools designed to provide better learning and teaching conditions.

The “Digital Teaching Days” at the HCTS will conclude with a final training session on Friday, November 27 (1 pm–2 pm). The meeting will provide the members of the MATS teaching staff with the opportunity to share the teaching experience matured in the first weeks of the current semester and further discuss “best practice examples” in online teaching.

The session is open to all the teaching staff members of the HCTS. If you are interested in participating, please register via email to Dr.
Cathrine Bublatzky (representative of the non-professorial teaching staff) until November 24, 2020.